Industry Services
Co. Inc. | Since 1964

Refractory Services


Industry Services has 50+ years experience providing companies with a wide array of specialty works listed below. We employ union as well as non-union workers. Union-employed services are provided through our company DG Skouse.



In the refractory industry, we are able to provide our customers the option of using a union/non-union contractor. The non-union company is Industry Services Co., Inc. The union company is DG Skouse Company. Industry Services aquired DG Skouse in August 2014; both companies have the skill and personnel to provide brick linings, gunite linings, fiber linings, shotcrete, forming and pumping, and ramming plastic. We use company-owned equipment to complete jobs such as Blastcrete Pumps, gunite machines, kiln rigs, and mixers ranging in size from 500 lbs - 2000 lbs.



Industry Services has the capabilities to do red brick and block masonry, concrete restoration, concrete coatings, and material estimations.

Demolition Services


Utilizing company-owned machines and equipment, such as Brokk machines, Industry Services performs demolition, tear out, and concrete removal services. Brokk machines provide our experienced operators with the capability of handling demo for a broad range of applications: lime kilns, concrete linings, aluminum plants, steel mills, commercial buildings, and cement kilns to name a few. Our team can also advise and provide the best demolition strategy for your required application, resulting in high productivity, low overall cost, and increased safety of personnel.

Acid Proofing


Protecting concrete and steel surfaces from corrosion requires the correct selection and proper application of a lining system to effectively resist chemical corrosion and temperature conditions. Industry Services is a leader in installing brick/tile linings, coatings and toppings, membrane linings, and other chemical/temperature resistant solutions for corrosion control. Our team has extensive experience in coating new or existing concrete floors and structures, concrete restorations, chemical processing and storage, primary and secondary containments and lining or re-lining FGD systems.

Fire Proofing


Effective fireproofing minimizes the escalation of fire that would occur with the failure of structural supports and the overheating of pressure vessels. Industry Services provides high performance fire protection systems, with design options for both installation methods and anchoring types. Given different alternatives, we can also show overall cost-savings.